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This is one area that is so misunderstood. What should be tested? When? How? Who? And a whole load more ?????’s According to the Health & Safety Executive:

"You must maintain electrical equipment if it can cause danger, but the law* does not say how you must do this or how often. You should decide the level of maintenance needed according to the risk of an item becoming faulty, and how the equipment is constructed. You should consider:
the increased risk if the equipment isn’t used correctly, isn’t suitable for the job, or is used in a harsh environment; and
if the item is not double insulated, for example some kettles are earthed but some pieces of hand-held equipment, such as hairdryers, are usually double insulated.
This includes any electrical equipment your employees use at work, whether it is their own or supplied by you. You have a joint responsibility to maintain any equipment used by your employees that is either leased (eg a photocopier) or provided by a contractor (but not equipment both provided and used by a contractor).

You will need to check periodically if any work needs doing. How you do this depends on the type of equipment.”
Please note: Not every electrical item needs a portable appliance test (PAT)
In some cases, a simple user check and visual inspection is enough, eg checking for loose cables or signs of fire damage and, if possible, checking inside the plug for internal damage, bare wires and the correct fuse.
Other equipment, eg a floor cleaner or kettle, may need a portable appliance test, but not necessarily every year.
If you contact us about testing & inspection, we can go through which items need testing and inspection. We will confirm the suggested intervals between test/inspection.
However, it is our experience that insurance companies are the people who will either pay out or not if items have not been inspected/tested. They may insist or not that there is an annual regime for PAT, so it may be wise to ask them first.
Broadfield Health & Safety Ltd have dedicated personnel who are experienced and trained in PAT and with a fixed price rate card, you will know in advance the maximum cost which in most cases is a lot less than ‘others’ who supply the same service.

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