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Why are we so special?  

We’re not……but our personalised health & safety systems, (built on years of professional and life experience, then refined to be easily understood and jargon-free) certainly are!

Are we just a Consultant!

No! With Broadfield Health & Safety Ltd, you are looked after by a health & safety Practitioner not a consultant. That person will spend time and a lot of effort to get to know you and your business so they can completely understand how to provide you with the best, affordable solutions.

So why do we bother with small to medium size businesses?

Big businesses have the finance and resources to have dedicated health & safety personnel whose job is just that. Small to medium concerns do not have that luxury so are more at risk of not complying with legislation and are the majority who fall foul of prosecution. Also, these are the businesses that want to gain contracts with larger companies and organisations, but fail because they do not have the systems in place along with the necessary documentation to fulfil the criteria (even though they are more than competent). We ensure that they do.

You don’t want people in and out of our business every ten minutes?

We don’t want to be doing that either! When we visit your business we do not interfere with your work processes, we just ‘do what we need to do’ and go. Within five working days you receive the full results

How do we match our Practitioner to your business?

We have two types of fully trained health & safety Practitioners. Generalists who are more than capable to go into any work premises and provide the necessary service to it. Then there are the Specialists for instance, our Founder and Managing Director Ken. He has been in and around the hotel, catering and licensed premises trade for over 35 years and has a passion for it. Others will have had careers in construction, garages, manufacturing etc.

Why do we have a price-holding policy for up to 5 years?

Every business needs to have a budgeting strategy to survive so we ensure that for the period that we are commissioned by them, they can build the costs into their future plans. This also helps when maybe planning future expansion where finance may be required. That is why we also have a process to assist the cash flow of any business, large, medium or small.

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